Thursday, November 14, 2013

Store Nails Vs Pro Nail Sets: How to get great fitting press on fake nails

Question: When buying press on nails, what do you expect to get?

Answer: Most women would probably say, good or proper fit (aside from style).

Following that need by long lasting, thickness, natural wear; or do they look and feel like a real nail. Best fit can mean longer wear; because the glue can better bond to your natural nail, and making no place for water or other liquids to get under the fake nail - which loosen them faster.

  • I get a lot of questions about fit. I get many clients who feel nails only come in one size fits all, no matter who you are - which is not the case. ~Sab

I have wanted to address this topic for a long time now, but just hadn't. Yesterday I was sorting some supplies, and came across a set of drugstore standard nails bought for this blog post.

That was 2 years ago... when I bought this hot pink set below. Since then I have noticed in stores that fake nails have actually gotten smaller, as in child sizes, not adult women sizes. There are reasons for this, women get pro salon nails more, young girls play dress up more, designer polishes have come out, etc.
But when you need nails for an event, you might not want salon nails which are harder to remove than press on fake nails.

  • The pink nails are "the store size range", at anywheres from $2 to 7 dollars for 12, some companies give only one of each size, I guess to sell more nails?
  • The bone colored nails are a Pro Set, in my shop they cost about $4 to 9 for 20 nails.

My thumb in the photo is there to give scale to the sizes. Larger nails can be shaped down to fit, some people can get more sizes out of the one 20 set manicure, and not have to purchase more sets. Plus, you get some that can be used as replacements, especially if using adhesive nail tabs.

Each company has it own range of sizes. The Pro Sets give better fit to a greater number of people, because each person's nail sizes are different (sometime even on each hand). Nail size and shape depends on gender, age, past nail damage, and on how you use your hand to work.

Quick Tips:
  • Pick the nail that fits by matching to each finger.
  • File down nails if they still don't fit exactly to your natural nails shape better fit can mean longer wear.
  • Lay them out in the order of your hands; ie left pinky to right pinky.
  • Then apply as directed. Always carry the glue tube with you for touch ups.
These Pro Sets are great for nail art, 3D nails art, and costumed events. Stop by, compare and save!

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