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Top 10 Examples of Costume Nail Art for Cosplay

Recently, I have been interested in costume nails. They are not only fun but working their way into modern fashion. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Adele, Jessie J, and many fashion forward persons seem to have a form of claw like stiletto nails.

Today I wanted to list some nail examples for use as cosplay accessories. You might not need or be able to wear costume nails everyday, so instead of getting semi-permanent salon nails, fakes are a great option for event wear. Plus, in some cases they can be reusable.

Below is a list of numbered links of the base blank nails I have available at my Saburkitty Designs Etsy shop and Bonanza booth. These characters are only examples, some of which are my favorites.

Blazblue's Litchi has medium length oval nails. She is like many role playing game, manga, and anime characters that wear the oval nail. It is a classic, feminine, and an elegant nail shape.

Blank Nail Art Nails in Oval:

Characters From:
Vocaloid, Naruto, Touhou, Black Butler, Star Trek (Uhura), or anyone that needs a perfect almond shaped everyday looking nail.

Lulu from Final Fantasy X 
It's hard to tell if these nails are square tips or stiletto oval. My guess would be oval, because it's the history of classic beauties from China and Japan to have long length oval nails.

4. Possible option, long length square solid black nail tips.

Photo Courtesy of:

Ganguro Girl Nails
A trend of the 1900s-2000s, retro is always trendy! This is a fun way to play with bright nothing that matches. Also, if you are unsure what character to be, this is a fun choice for costume events. What is a Ganguro girl?
"In contradiction to the traditional Japanese concept of beauty by having pale skin, dark hair, and neutral makeup tones, rebellious youth tanned their skin, bleached their hair, and used colourful makeup"

Visit Wikihow for more info and the nails are:

Blank and ready to add extreme decora!

Photo Courtesy of:

A dog demon character from a the very popular manga and anime, Inuyasha.
This character can and has been played by both men and women cosplayers. Actually, many characters in this story have claw nails.

7. Claws
Other Characters:
Capcom 3: Felicia Alternate Costume, .hack// Ouka, and in general wolf, fox, or cat.

Photo Courtesy of:
Gackt Le Ciel Nails
Gotta love Gackt! I still remember seeing him in the video game Bujingai. I saw him there before anywhere else. Watching all of his fashion changes I feel he is a master of the performance art, here he is in the photo above, playing Uesugi Kenshin "one of the most powerful lords of the Sengoku period". Even though the choice of this image seems to fit more into the historical reenactment category, the video game Samurai Warriors does features Uesugi Kenshin.

At one point, Gackt had some very long white nails, like these:
8. Super Long Bone Nails

Burlesque Nails
Dita Von Teese, the most popular burlesque woman since Gypsy Rose Lee. I would have said Mata Hari, minus the spying part, but people are most familiar with Rose Lee.

Dita even came out with her own line of pre-designed press on retro 30's style nails made by KISS, of course ;)

How does this apply to cosplay? with so many Victorian, Steampunk, Classic Lolita, and Gothic Lolita inspired characters in games,
manga, graphic novels, movies, and anime; one can look to burlesque for beauty tips!

Characters include from:
Pandora Hearts, Fullmetal Alchemist, Touhou, or basic all of the Finial Fantasy series.

In these cases embellishment might be all that is needed, not full coverage fakes:
9. Pearl Rhinestones

I think that covers the basics? leave a comment of your favorite character to cosplay, with or without fancy nails.

As for me I'll always be a kitty girl!


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