Saturday, November 24, 2012

Top 3 Places to Wear Press-on Nails

Wedding: If your wedding is traditional or non-traditional; chances are you're looking for anyplace to cut costs, save time, or stress in preparation for the big day. Nail designs might be an after thought, you may feel that $30 to $100 is better spent elsewhere or that nails don't matter.
But think about it; more people will see your nails on your wedding day than any other days of the year - unless you are a hand model. Additionally, there will be professional photographs being taken all day, usually including a photograph of wearing the rings.
The Solution: Designer or custom press-ons. Save time and more cost effective than permanent UV gel nail treatments.

Cruises: This day in age, traveling with personal items can be a challenge. A flight may be required to reach port. Security measures in many countries prohibit liquids from carry on bags. The TSA states "any flammable liquid *" and the FAA states "hazardous material *" cannot, in some cases, be checked or placed as carry on. Checking bags with flammable liquids, like nail polish or acetone in them, could be considered a hazard. Nail polish is likely to freeze in the cargo hold, causing a loss in quality.
The Solution: Pre-designed fake nails, glue for 5 day trips or one day wear adhesive tabs for extended trips.
Prom: Chances are you will need a fast manicure, and not only fast but matching. Something temporary might be the case as well, because some schools and work places do not allow designer nails. Depending on your age, your parents might not approve of an expensive salon nail treatment. Press-ons are one solution for one time night event wear.
The Solution: If you are not so good with art, you can find a local nail artist or friend to match colors to your dress. If you are great at DIY, you can express your creativity with press-on nails!

What are the cons I should look out for?
  • They might fall off: (I suggest testing products before the event) Clean nails well before application. Be sure to always carry extra nail tabs or glue in your purse.
  • They might not fit: (both hands will be different nail measurements) Filing the sides and base of press-on nails will make for a better fit.
  • They might feel awkward: It's good to test wearing fake nails at home, just like when you buy new shoes.
What this really means for you is no messing with bottles, no prep and no waiting for dry time. Change to a new design everyday. If you order custom made nails, there is no need to be a color expert; your nails are designed and ready when you are!

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