Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Are There Nail Polish Alternatives?

Many events in life lead us to ask: Are there any nail polish alternatives?
Maybe it's a time factor or a need to find less chemical nail designing. Here's a list a few alternative.
Nail Sheets: also called nail shields, foils or sticker sheets. These are normally heated with a hair dryer to apply, edges are filed to the nail shape, and standard topcoat is only used on the very edges to extend wear. They tend to last about 10 days.
Fake Nails: press-on nails come in tones polishes alone can't preform, some even have a real chrome metal looks. Also, any amount of 3d decoration needs no dry time, just stick the nails on and go. That means inhaling less chemicals.
Nail Stains: like henna, brands of Korean nail stains leave a dark orange brown nail color. Using the same application as henna skin paste. Make sure to only paint the nail portion, not your skin and cuticles, with the dye paste. Henna stains everything so be careful! Wash off nail after 40 minutes up to an hours time. Stained nails can last for weeks.

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Nail Buffing: Au Naturale; a well done mani with well kept nails can be a natural and fresh look. Try home manicure soaks.
  • File out any rough chips in your nails.
  • Next take your time working with a medium buffing block or glass files to smooth nail edges.
  • Soak nails for 30 seconds in peroxide to whiten the tips.
  • Never use tools to push back cuticles.
  • Instead after 5 minutes of soaking nails in a warm water and 1 drop of dish soap mixture. Rub cuticles with a towel
  • If cuticles are overly thick - repeat this process or use a chemical remover found at most beauty supply store.
  • Let nails dry and buff nail surface very lightly with a superfine fine buffing block (be careful not to over file the surface, this can cause damage).
  • Use beeswax or beeswax based balms to give a glossy clear polished look to the nail.
  • & You're done!
To maintain great nail health: eat well, always care for any nail damage as soon as possible, use cream and gloves during sleep, and no nail biting. Use gloves to wash dishes or clothes (detergents are drying, think of nails like hair because they are the same stuff! you treat dry hair for split ends - it's the same with nails). Lastly, do not use your nails as a tool. All these tips can help you to grow nails faster.

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