Saturday, October 27, 2012

Top 5 Reasons to Press-On Nails

 Louboutin Nails Womans Fashion Inspired 2012

Trendy: Press on nails have emerged as a perfect alternative to painting designs on natural short nails. Even celebrities like Katy Perry, Rihanna and Fergie wear luxury press-ons.
Safe: The application of press-on fake nails, with glue or adhesive tabs, does less damage to natural nails and less chemical exposure to the wearer; than some pro nail bar treatments.
Time Saver: These fake nails can be placed on and removed quickly. The convenience also comes without commitment, just change the nails everyday or every week.
Variety: Short, medium, long, extra long, no matter what the event you can find a style that you can quickly change your nails too, which is impossible with natural nails! As well as show your originality while still be in trend, by having longer or shorter perfect nails.
Affordable: They are easy on the wallet, pre-designed nails cost less than high end salon manicures. Another option is DIY (do it yourself) manicures. This can save you some money not only on the designs, but can reuses your favorite polishes longer (by polishing fakes and wearing them for one day with adhesive nail tabs).

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