Sunday, September 16, 2012

Top 10 Fall 2012 Nail Art Trends

  1. Red and gold nails
  2. Fuchsia with orange
  3. Jewel tones with lace
  4. Reverse french manicure
  5. Mixed neutral shades
  6. Geometric's
  7. Kaleidoscope designs
  8. Ombre nail art
  9. Neon colored fingernails and toenails, like yellow, green, orange and bright blue
  10. All one color with a designed ring finger. It's called the "engagement design" for those about to marry or can't wear their ring for a time.

Sensual Massage Bars

Long nails are becoming popular again, but are stiletto nails the next big trend? Nails that are oval 2 to 3 inch long. They are fun and leave a lot of room for nail designs. However, they aren't office and daily life friendly.
What do you think? Leave a comment and tell me what trends your most looking forward to!
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