Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Wish Factory's Delightful Treats Nails

Courtesy of The Wish Factory Inc

It's finally happened! A US based company that sees a market for kawaii cute foodstuff nails.  The Wish Factory, maker of 'Pop Grrl Nail Charms', 3d nail art with brands like 'Blow Pop', 'Gummy Bears', and 'Tootsies Roll'.
"Pop Grrl Nail Charms have a variety of designs, including top licenses that girls love. " ~ The Wish Factory Website
I saw these press-on nails today while at CVS. I was there on my never ending search for cinnamon Mentos lol. I found it odd these food nails were actually not with the candy or in the press-on nails aisle where Kiss and Nailene products are, but instead over in the holiday aisles  There was a set of Halloween nails, so maybe the shelf placement was for costume season?
Anyways, the Pop Grrl package design allows you to sample the sizes against your fingernail sizes. They are lightly scented and come pre-applied with self adhesive glue. They were $5.99 for one set, at my CVS, the price might be higher or lower where you live. The price is comparable to many pre-designed nail sets from the top two companies: Kiss and Broadway.
I'm not sure if the Pop Grrl nails are reusable. Also, I found the sizes to be very small to maybe tween sized nails. I'm not sure how many woman in their late teens have nails that small. But! I love to see products like this in stores. The overall detail isn't as beautiful as a real set of Japanese kawaii sweet treats nails but 'The Wish Factory' one's are cute!
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