Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Create Beautiful Designs on Your Nails

Looky what I found, a nail art treasure from the past.

My family has moved several times over the years. I'll admit, like most people that move a-lot, I have forgotten what I have. The things I received as gifts, the things that are packed away in boxes, put on a "to do" or sort list, and the things that get forgotten on long moves. If you have ever moved, you can agree, sometimes you just want to have the move done, and settle. So, some things stay boxed up in storage.

This isn't always a bad thing. I have found items never opened and along with other little treasured memories like this 'Showcase Cosmetics, Inc' nail art kit. I do not even remember getting this thing. The more I think of it, it's slowly coming back to me.

Details from the package are interesting.
  • 6 Water based colors
  • .000 Fine detailing brush
  • Pallet with mixing well
  • 1/4 oz Nail art sealer
  • Designs for you to copy
The price sticker is marked "was $7 your price $4". Yes that seems cheap, but from what I can tell the product is from 1992. Nail art was only insanely popular in Japan at that time. Lee Press-Ons, although ahead of their time, gave everyone the impression fakes were cheap and unreliable. Even I had a set of long, Lady Gaga style press ons. I actually still have some of them... because I didn't get to really wear them. I hadn't, back then, found a way to stick them on for more than 10 seconds. That was the state of "nails" back then. lol

Side note, fake nails aren't (and weren't in the Lee press on days) for mountain climbing, gardening, baking and other actions that cause nail damage anyways. They are for fun, costuming, hanging out and weddings; any occasion hands will be seen or photographed a lot.

Mini  ^  Bat-Signal!

Anyways, since I think the company is no longer exists? I have scanned the box for vintage amusement and inspiration. The box states: "Design Samples to Copy". If anyone has tried to "copy" before, you know even if you try; we all create nails to look different. It is art after all.



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