Friday, August 24, 2012

Nail Art Tips and Tricks 2, Nail Glues

Man... my index finger nail has taken a beating the last few weeks. It was long, broke, finally grew out a bit, got pulled from the side of my nail bed (which if you have even had this happens hurt for days and is annoying). Then I was opening a soft plastic vegetable package and slipped, my thumb nail cut into the top of my index nail... I don't know how exactly, but I know my nails are that strong enough to do that... I had just trimmed then too so they were sharper.

So it's short enough, I though I'll repair it with super glue. My grandmother used to do this with her long nails, so thought I'd try it was 'Kiss' brand glue.

Another thought crossed my mind. Perhaps you've heard it said "nail glues is dangerous", "..only for fake nails", or "causes infections".

Lets examine some facts.
Most nail glues for nail use are made of Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, we know it as the brand name "Super Glue", or "Krazy Glue". Dermabond is a medical grade form of 'Super Glue' used in place of stitches. It cosmically close wounds, not only does it leave less of a scare, the wounds heal faster with less infection. Disclaimer: I am not suggestion to use super glues on household cuts. Dermabond is a medical grade product, tested on human cuts, and performed in a sterile environment, by a doctor.

Q: What makes some glues, that are made just for nails, different?
A: Some have additives to set faster, stay liquid longer, have preservative in them, are pink in colour for cosmetic effect, and some have infection fighters in them. The bottles are normally made better to reseal, for future use without drying up, unlike one time use bottles. (The bottle I used for my nail repair: I opened sometime last year, it's still fluid.)

Q: So, What causes the infection? If the glue it's self is safe?
A: First, Wearing press-on nails for longer than 5 days. The glue will start to micro release (or gap), moisture gets trapped in any air pockets, and bacteria finds that an ideal environment to grow. Limiting wear time will help prevent infections, and brittle nails.

Second, Lack of fit can be another factor. It's a good idea to make sure your press-on nails match exactly the shape of your natural nails. This makes the glue bond better to the nails, and pull away less.

Third, having clean healthy nails to start with. Make sure you aren't applying press-on nails to damaged or unhealthy nails. This will only increase the infection. If this occurs see a doctor, nail can be lost due to serious  bacterial or fungal infections. Always make sure your nails, hands, and your tools are well cleaned before use. Also, take breaks from wearing fakes. If your nails are slightly damaged, and you absolutely need to cover your nails - use one day wear sticky adhesive tabs.

In review, I tried repairing my nail. It lasted 2 days (with repeated glue application). So this tip could be a good fix for when traveling, at work, or at school. Other than that, the split in my nail was too deep to be repaired with this method. I ended up trimming it off...again... (~_~)



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