Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nail Art Tips and Tricks 1

2 Tips and tricks for cleaning nail art tools.

I had been looking around for one of these "nail polish remover pots" for about a year now. I guess where I live doesn't always carry them, but today I found one. I actually found two different brands, at Kmart of all places!

This 'Image Essentials' sponge nail polish remover is perfect for cleaning dotting tools, and other metal tools. True, it's not pure acetone, but metal tools are not porous like skin or nails, can soak longer, and take less acetone to clean. Another plus is the light smell that won't bother you as much while working, because again it isn't pure acetone. I wouldn't suggest using this pot before applying fakes or polish because it has oily additives.  It contains Bitrex making it safer around children and dogs. Made in the USA.

This nail polish remover pot is also useful when using image stamping plates. Or you could keep a small jar of cotton balls soaked in acetone. But this pot can have cotton balls placed atop the sponge, it will work for this purpose just as well as a jar.

Right now, I have 5 packs of 5 way double ball dotting tools in my Etsy store.
I hope to have individual ones back in stock soon. (to date, I have white, yellow, and pink single tool listings. Please contact me through Etsy with any questions : )

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