Thursday, July 5, 2012

GLO MSN Features Saburkitty Nail Art

"Outrageous Nails Made Wearable"

There I am! Saburkitty rainbow nail art "get the look" #8

I made these nails on a whim one day. They are based on Asian textured nails but are made up of fixtures, not acrylic build up or stickers. They feature genuine semi-precious gemstones and nail caviar, among other created items.

Kaleidoscope Rainbow Nail Art

A rainbow effect is created with turquoise, amethyst, India hemalyke, green aventurine, chalcedony, India red jasper, India lapis lazuli, schorl (black tourmaline), India peridot, red goldstone, red aventurine, Swarvoski elements, and howlite make these nails truly outrageous!!

Kaleidoscope Rainbow Nail Art

No matter how you feel about fake nails or 3D nail art ~ it's always fun to invent and create something new.
I invite everyone to try it out!


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