Friday, April 6, 2012

Saburkitty Designs on Etsy Front Page!?

I have been selling at Etsy for sometime now. Never thought I would be on Etsy's front page, even at 2:00am EST lol.   I received a sweet contact from Cindy (cindylouwho2) and had no idea that the current treasury included me! Getting some screen shots of front page, because I didn't expect my 'Galaxy Nails' to move onto full front page from first alternate. After all, the treasury are only featured for a short time.
Reloading the page to find, I had moved onto front page and got the photo above!
I was excited but half asleep. lol

Here is the whole treasury I was in for (I believe) "The Get Found" & The Etsy Success Symposium: (Final numbers for this treasury: 363 views, 175 clicks, 49 admirers)

'Stargazing' by sometimesiswirl

















Thank You's to Sometimesiswirl & Cindy!


Saburkitty said...

Adding note: I should have said "3D nail art" ~ not just nail art!

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