Monday, February 6, 2012

True Love is Reds, White and Black

Classic Red and Stunning Black
Finding and falling in love with "true red" or "true black" nails can be disheartening when it comes time to buy polish. In my experiences, red nail polishes tend to have one of two: a berry pink hue tint or a red orange hue tint. Likewise with black polishes, that tend to have a red hue tint or brown undertone tint. 

So what happens when you want true colours? You either search for the right polish or get UV gel nails at a nail salon. The photo above offers a third option, full coverage nails. Easy to glue on or one day wear with adhesive nail tabs. Plain or designer in 3D nail art form, these nails are classic on any skin tone.
I photograph my nail art and nail art supplies to show true to life colour. Or get as close as I can, but sometimes it depends on the upload process and screen display being different on every computer. The nails here are red, with a touch of light translucents. They are not fully opaque, but with a small amount of light passing through them, we get a truer red tone. As for the black nails they are solid in colour, this aids in a true black tone because of the restriction of light.
Red and zebra print is a timeless combination. Elegant with a hint excitement. Here we have zebra pattern on classic red. this set is available in my little shop.

A tip when polishing natural nails with red or black, make sure to always use a high quality base coat. This can prevent staining that happens with nail lacquer colours of red hue or tints. Fall in love with reds and black nail colours all year round. Add to your everyday wardrobe to get that high fashion elegance!

Lastly, this past weekend, I was featured in a Bliss Works Studio's wonderful blog. So many lovely items and wonderful shops. (click the image to view:)

Happy Valentine's Day (^.^)/xo


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