Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Year in Features 2011 through 2012

A Year in Features:
  1. Yogi Gray's Blog
  2. The Whimsy Trove Blog
  3. The Swimmies of Doom Blog
  4. Offbeat Bride
  5. Teri the Potter's Blog ( 1st2nd & 3rd)
  6. Etsy Finds 
  7. Etsy Finds (second time)
  8. Unique Indie Shops Blog (1st & 2nd)
  9. Celebrate the Odd Blog 
  10. Sqworl Link of Features, where I hope all future features will be stored (^.^)
And while typing this, I was in my feature for the first time of the year!

"Pony Chops: Ganguro Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Remember my Ganguro post a few weeks ago? Well here's what it inspired me to do: These little girlies are for sale here for just £45...."

Thank you to the editors of these great features!
I love their work and really appreciate the time all of them took to include me in their blogs.
Visit their blogs for more fun stories!



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