Thursday, January 12, 2012

Google+ and Pinterest

on Google+

A few months ago I made Google+ and then business page.
I'll admit, I haven't spent a lot of time there and am not quiet sure how to use Google+, what to do with the site. What is truly allowed? I assumed on a business page, anything business is allowed but I read stories before I had joined about people getting kicked off for seemingly nothing on personal accounts.

Never do I want to spam anyone. It's a fine line trying to show your new items or events and not seem... spam like. I feel, I spam people now by posting once a week on facebook *gasp* and tweeting listing when I make a new listing on Etsy.

Hopefully I'll find a good use for Google+

Saburkitty on Pinterest

Also, since Etsy introduced a Pinterest button, I have started using the site again after almost a year. It's a great site for sharing and commitment free "micro blogging". One can follow a single board not everything a person likes or "like" only one post. Likes are keep separate from boards. A "board" is what the images are "pinned" (posted) onto. Only one board can be made or many, I currently have 22.

Say you like someones recipe board but not their fashion board or vice versa, you can follow only that board you are interested in. Or follow a person whole account. Individual posts can be commented on, liked or repinned on to your account.

Fun starter info:
Pinterest Button Maker and Tool Bar, iPhone app and logo
Pin Etiquette

Pinterest is great for wish lists: including wedding gifts, wedding dresses, birthday, baby and other events. Share books you love and start a discussion. Plan dream vacations and destinations. Great for room designing or general inspiration!

Just try not to get stuck there for hours


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