Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Feature on Celebrate the Odd Blog!

I love this blog, outside of the box art and being featured!

On October 8th 2011, I was featured in Celebrate the Odd blog. The article features nail sets I have for sale at Etsy. It's now the end of the year and looking back at some previous creations. I have always loved making different, extreme but still wearable nails. Wedding 3D nail art are my favorite kind of projects. The new year hope to bring a lot of changes. Perhaps, even more time for 3D nail art!

This set was up for sale at the being of my Etsy shop's life.

These I made for Glam Rock Magazine columnist, Alexandra Merino. See more of her creativity at her YouTube channel AlexandraMetalClown.

I have some more ideas I'd like to try, more ideas to work out, nail sets to finish and a book of ideas to get started on. Meanwhile, I have talons and other supplies in my shop, ready for anyone who wants to try nail art!


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