Saturday, November 26, 2011

Revisiting Artists I love

On my weebly blog I had features stores that I real love. The items, the people running them and everything that makes buying from small businesses great. There are some I had featured, some I want to, this post is both ~ revisited and new.

SewNewThings is a wonderful example of high end repurposed fashion accessories. 
Her vintage store, allthepreciousthings, showcases sewing, knitting and 
crochet patterns along side vintage notions.
Visit her here:

Queen of Country Primitive Decor! Suz has welcome signs, candle holders,
wall sconces, trays and other folk home decor.
Her daughter creates original art drawings in graphic novel styling.
Visit them here:

Sterling Simplicity creates minimalist jewelry in sterling silver, antiqued brass, gemstones,
Swarovski elements available in necklaces and earrings.
Visit her here:

Teri the Potter of magical pagan bling! She creates candle holders, alters, goddess shrines,
masks and pet memorials. Selling since March of 2009, explore her life story and creations.
Visit her here:

This lover of fabrics hails from Ontario, Canada. SewNewFabric2010 creates
 handmade purses, shoulder bags and large purses.
Custom order are welcome or get a ready to ship one of a kind bag right now.
Visit her here:
Modern western and contemporary art. She works in all forms of media and even creates
 elegant trash art. Cheri is from Denver, Colorado and her work shows inspiration of the natural
 beauty in the American west.
Visit her here:

Blue Kitty is a celebrity of dollhouse minis! She was featured in 'Dollhouse World' magazine.
Team leader of MIDS (Miniatures In Dollhouse Scales for collectors).
Her website showcases tutorials and tips for dollhouses.
Visit her here:
BlueKittyMiniatures Blog
BlueKittyMiniatures ' Shop
BlueKitty in Dollhouse World magazine

'Let's Cove it' creates one of a kind artist impressionist pillow covers in
hand embroidered styles. Unique fabric creations, textured pillows, wedding and
home d├ęcor designs for all season. This lover of sewing, fabrics and handcrafted items
welcomes custom orders.
Visit her here:

Eco-friendly chic. Sewing since she was child, Discord Threads creates upcycled sweater fabric
creations. She was a finalist in the NBC Etsy Green Is Unversal Art of ReUse contest.
Custom orders are very welcome, because one of a kind design is this artists passion.
Visit her here:

The beautiful 3D effect of Yogi Gray's modern and palette paintings is something to behold.
Rich and bold colors with abstract flare. Her home decor includes glassware and children's art
from her talented young.
Visit them here:
DistinctiveModernArt on Facebook

Something for everyone!
I hope this list finds you some great local, unique, handmade artists. Also, that this inspires the need to seek out small business craftsmanship and art. 


Hello and welcome... said...

Gorgeous collection of things you have here! Thanks for putting these out there...

Saburkitty said...

Thank you (^.^)

I believe in supporting small business and what I call mine, a "micro" business.

Hope you found something you love or a path to it!

~ May

Alessandra @ Tribal Times said...

Great items! My favorite is the pillow!

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