Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Branding for Christmas and The Holiday Season

I have been working on my new branding for this holiday season of 2011-2012. I disliked the way these nails looked just laid out flat, like lifeless art. Normally I remove them from their harsh uninspired structure. After all my nautilus branding has gotten me many compliments and fits my mermaid themed pedicure sets very nicely. I have come a long way taking photo and want my Etsy store front a little more appealing. This isn't just selling items for me, it's art, my portfolio, my custom work history and in some ways my future in nail art. I have learned the hard way that I have only one chance to capture these item, after they sell bad photos are depressing, even worse hard to show an items true beauty.

Nautilus Branding by Saburkitty

Then I was inspired, there is origami! I love Origami! 
My father spends hours working on his 177 fold phoenix and crease patterns. He taught me origami when I was young, I'm not as good at it as he is but I try my best. He makes lucky stars and I made the pot. lol

If you look close you'll see me around, well my little branding. On tumblr, facebook, my website, Etsy, and even Google+. Branding has changed how I look at taking photos, I still need practice to perfect the photos but this is a fun start!


danielle said...

I find your little sailboat display to be so inspiring! I hope one day to be a successful nail technician, and have lately been putting a lot of thought into the idea of branding. This gives me hope that there can be plenty of lovely, non-tacky ways to display nail art. :)

Saburkitty said...

Thank you Danielle (^.^)

I feel branding is very important for nail art, more so than some products. We have a lot of good PR but also bad PR to combat. Beautiful display, packaging and clean presentation helps our image as nail artists. I'm glad I inspired you.

~ May

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