Monday, November 21, 2011


For the past few days I have been adding "SaburKittySupplies" to my listing count. It's been a long weekend of being sick and trying to get new items into shop, which has come at the expense of not posting a lot of shop info any where across my network.

Plans for this weekend were a tutorial, here on the blog. Getting more nail art started and completed. Plus a lot of reevaluating of the shop itself. As for this blog, it was not meant to be only about nail art, I hope to change that soon.

"SaburKittySupplies" is my destash, recycling and designer supply line. Last year I had tried this with little luck. But  I may even add back my recycled dotting tool, one which I own and use a lot. It's always a fine line with nail art and including recycled items. The two are different worlds apart, nail art is new clean modern; recycling is used, second hand or set for reuse. Destash itself is a form of "reuse". You can view all of my supply listing here.

Thank you (^.^)/xo


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