Monday, October 31, 2011

Twilight! Twilight!? What about Halloween Movies?

Ahhh "bite at first love", That's more like it!

I'm a woman and  I'm not a Twilight person. There I admitted it in public and didn't burst into flames. I have always been a 'Dark Shadows', 'Nosferatu', Alucard from Castlevania, "The Terror of Dracula" kind of person. Sweet vintage monster movies and the ones you can easily laughed at like 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes'; I can see Jack Black as Mason Dixon now. Other movies can cause some to be bothered by forever, many have one movie from their childhood memories they tell a story about.

I never had one of those, this movie bothered me forever moments. My mother's was 'The Birds', my father's was 'The Crawling Eye'. That is until I watched 'Night of the Living Dead', a movie I wish I had never watched. I wasn't a child when I saw it, it was just two years ago....Watching one morning as the sun came up, after staying up all night working on a college assignment. It was not Halloween, it was spring. I don't like zombie movies, because they aren't interesting to me. The movie trailer would not convince anyone to watch this movie.

Why did it bother me? Heck if I know. I had seen clips of it for six years and had always wanted to watch it. Even after you find out why the people are zombies, which is disconnected from the story that was, something underline is there. Even after all that typed above this point, the movie sticks with me.

Why? Because to me it was more of a story of human events, basic fears of people towards people, mortality and maybe I read too much into it as a psychological study. May I add, best watched in black and white to maximize the documentary factor of the way it was filmed. I believe colour and some kinds of music can detract from some stories. Which for some reason, I can't even remember the music in 'Night of the Living Dead'. Would I suggest this movie to anyone? Actually, I haven't until now. Normally I say "Have you seen...?" When the answer is no, I say something along the lines of, it's probably for the best.

Truly, IF you want an objective view of these movies. Do not see a trailer, do not read a detailed review. But do ask someone to join you, who has not seen these movies or heard of them. It's best in the eye of Halloween movies to go in sight unseen.

The Birds trailer
The Crawling Eye trailer
Night of the Living Dead trailer and hulu movie link
Looks like they are making a Dark Shadows movie link

Oddly my favorite all year round Halloween type movie is 'The Seventh Seal' no not the other one, the 1958 one starring Max von Sydow. Love the ending, the last scenes are great, again a human studies movie. lol
Oh well, there is always The Addams Family TV series and my favorite coffee mug for all year Halloween type fun!


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