Friday, October 28, 2011

Etsy Finds Featuring Saburkitty Nails

September 17 th, 2011, I was featured in Etsy Finds email!

Posting this a little late, I know, but better than never. I thought it couldn't happen. Mostly because nail art is an item that isn't traditional, vintage or a supply. In fact it has no category at Etsy.

Nail art hasn't been this popular since 3000 B.C., by this I mean from the 1990's to present date, nail designing is now at it's peak of interest in societies overall history.

The nails of 3000 B.C. didn't including 3D nail art, which is a modern day (90's to present) addition. 3D nail designs or textured manicures, are a design using dimensional items for depth and add a jewelry like effect. It's best for nail health to put these dimensional items on a fake nails and not natural nails. In a way the new generation of 3D nail art is a form of body jewelry!

My cats eye nails were in the Halloween Finds email with a lot of great Halloween items. I was so happy when I was contacted by my SaSsy mentor, Cindy of cindylouwho2 shop.

Saburkitty Nail Art
I love making nail designs, especially pedicure 3D toenail art!
Feel free to stop by Etsy and check out all the great nail art available there. I welcome custom order requests, just a contact away! (^.^)/xo~


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