Friday, October 28, 2011

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Since mid February 2011, I have been trying out blogging. I find tumblr easy to use, post and run. The fact that we all seemingly share a larger archive feature, which gets one found easier. However, I find tumblr awkward to post real blog entries. Other features are to hard to control, including zero backlink control. Then there is me, I had picked weebly blog.

It's not that I don't like weebly's blog feature; I've found it incredibly hard to make it easy for followers and gaining a following. Let me explain. Weebly is a website builder and host, but the blogging feature feels like a second thought. Maybe I am using the site wrong. Maybe I am not good enough at HTML to fix and tweak the issue. I know my CSS skills are lacking.

In a quest for solutions, I ended up with blogs that just sits there. I started at weebly for the website, not the blogging featuring. I needed a website to outline how to measure for fake nails, how I price custom orders, my custom work gallery and many other topics businesses need to post somewhere on the internet.

So I tried adding a nail art tutorials blog, added a trend blog and a treasury photo blog.
Each had it's own purpose. Yes, three blogs on one site sounds strange, but each was being promoted for it's own purpose. I started with a schedule, to post on each xyz each week. It was going well, until the WYSIWYG interface did just that. What I got were problems.

  1. Lag, no loading and crashing while building. This wasn't expected to the extent it happened. Funny part about it was, it did not happen at first. It happened once the blog got "full", of custom HTML code.
  2. I tried to use Blog Lovin as a solution for followers. I changed my blog titles. Unknowingly the link to Blog Lovin was broken. I can not seem to figure out how to recover it.
  3. I tried using facebook's NetworkedBlog as a second option for followers..notice tried seems to be a theme here?
  4. Tried to add to my blogs and it was seemingly broken, for two months.
  5. Div issues... and frames. I had never liked dealing with frames and column code in webpage design class. Plus other issues that make your website look huge on some screens, postage stamp size on others. I did not major in webpage design, though I wish that did. I picked a fast builder so as to not spend months coding. I know enough HTML, which is fine if you build a site from start. When you are "proof reading" code to tweak for bugs. That's where I stop. I am not getting paid to fix or debug a free webpage builder.
  6. Yeah, I know, you get what you pay for :P

Huge string of excuses.
That brings us to here and now. What I hope is my first post to my little old blogger. I am still going to cite my weebly (see the side bar). I am still going to use tumblr. Each site has it's charms, downfalls, and really that's how it should be.


Christie Cottage said...

Whoa! You have had some blogging troubles for sure!

Stopping by from Blogging Buddies


Saburkitty said...

Thank you for stopping by Christie! (^.^)

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